Pop Life: Children with divorced parents are less likely to be religious.

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b82f33e704e02b81f08a07adb0e0dde4Children that have suffered through divorced parents are less likely to believe in God’s power because they did not see it illustrated in their homes. Especially when parents that are Christians divorce. They see this situation as a contradiction of the love and forgiveness that is taught by Christianity. So, when the power of God cannot work in the lives of the parents enough to forgive and work things out, the children usually abandon the religion all together and gravitate to others beliefs and erroneous doctrines. I speak about this, in detail, in The Truth Behind Hip Hop X Pop Life. This is why there are so many false interpretations of the bible in our world today. When the love of Christ and forgiving power of God are not illustrated within a marriage, the children many times lose hope in it and rebel. – G. Craige Lewis

Children raised by divorced parents are more likely than children whose parents are married to be non-religious as adults, according to a new study.

With a rise in religiously unaffiliated Americans over the years, a survey suggests that family stability or inability can impact a child’s religious identity as an adult.

38e2733f00000578-3812164-image-m-25_1475085104491Findings showed that 35 per cent of people raised by divorced parents considered themselves to be religiously unaffiliated compared to 23 per cent of people whose parents were married during most of their formative years.

Divorce even impacts how often people who remain religiously affiliated attend a religious service, according to the survey from The Public Religion Research InstituteRead more: 

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