Pop Life: Schools use New Aged Meditation to alter kids behavior

G Craige LewisPop Life1 Comment

cocuk_yogasi_ve_hareket_terapisiThey are pushing this wicked agenda as hard as they can on our children. The breakdown of the home has left many children vulnerable to these types of strategies. New Aged Meditation is welcoming spirits into these children while they sit unprotected and totally oblivious to what is really going on.

Please people, seek God about protecting your children from these and many other demonic tactics that are influencing them. You can’t lend your children to New Agers and expect them to promote Christian values. The devil wants our children, and if we do not stand up for them, he will succeed at demonizing them. – G. Craige Lewis

dummyPop life is a message unlike any other! Fatherlessness is a term that is unfamiliar to most, however it permeates every problem that plagues humanity today. Many preachers have avoided this seemingly taboo topic because of its prevalence among modern-day believers. Fatherlessness has invaded the church and until now it has been a silent yet perilous matter that has adversely shaped our lives. In this presentation, G. Craige Lewis delivers a revelatory message when the Church is in most desperate need of a timely Word from the Lord. Satan continues to wage war on the Church and this time he is taking the man out of his God-given creation role to do so. Deleting the father figure and male authority from the home has lifelong consequences, from false god worship to homosexual practices as well as the generational cycle of fatherlessness itself. The information in this video is a culmination of the message of EX ministries orchestrated by the Holy Spirit Himself. Because of the fact that all have been affected by Fatherlessness in some way, this is a must have video for every believer. Get your copy now!


One Comment on “Pop Life: Schools use New Aged Meditation to alter kids behavior”

  1. In the old days if you wanted kids to calm down, you either turned off the lights, instructed them to put their heads down and be quiet. Or you had something called nap time.

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