Pop Life: Student Assaults Teacher In Classroom

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life, I discussed the importance of fathers and male role models in the rearing of children, especially young boys. But because people are prioritizing themselves and putting their children’s need after their own, our children are growing up without strong men.  People want immorality without consequence.  They want sexual activity outside of marriage without having to deal with issues it causes for the children born out if.  Divorce is also taking it’s toll because people just can’t seem to work out their problems for the sake of the home and the rest of the family.  It’s a sad day.  School teachers have it the worst because they are forced to deal with the negligence of the parents.  The school has because a babysitter for busy parents and children are influenced by other children that are basically raising themselves.  All because people want more than their time allows for.  In this video, it shows the disrespect and insubordination of so many of our young males because they have no “man” training!  The teacher allowed him to assault him because he knew if he even raised a hand at the boy, he would be apart of a major protest in the black community and treated like David Duke!  Black folks love reacting to the issues but never the prevention.  We gotta get it together people.

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Pop life is a message unlike any other! Fatherlessness is a term that is unfamiliar to most, however, it permeates every problem that plagues humanity today. Many preachers have avoided this seemingly taboo topic because of its prevalence among modern-day believers. Fatherlessness has invaded the church and until now it has been a silent yet perilous matter that has adversely shaped our lives. In this presentation, G. Craige Lewis delivers a revelatory message when the Church is in most desperate need of a timely Word from the Lord. Satan continues to wage war on the Church and this time he is taking the man out of his God-given creation role to do so. Deleting the father figure and male authority from the home has lifelong consequences, from false god worship to homosexual practices as well as the generational cycle of fatherlessness itself. The information in this DVD is a culmination of the message of EX ministries orchestrated by the Holy Spirit Himself. Because of the fact that all have been affected by Fatherlessness in some way, this is a must-have DVD for every believer.

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  1. A lot of women say, “my baby daddy needs to take care of his children” but you don’t hear them say, “I wish I got married and brought my children here the right way.” Gotta break the cycle somewhere and start enforcing good standards.

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