Pop Life: Transgender Doll Going on Sale Soon

G Craige LewisPop Life1 Comment

In my video “The Truth Behind Hip Hop X – Pop Life” I discussed the
Transgender movement and what it’s all about. But this right here is simply ridiculous! What in the world is a transgender doll? Aren’t all dolls created without genitals? Couldn’t you just dress Barbie up in Ken’s outfits or vice versa? The mere fact that they are insisting on calling this doll “transgender” shows you that it’s an agenda that they are pushing onto our society.

One Comment on “Pop Life: Transgender Doll Going on Sale Soon”

  1. They want to play victim when people object to their lifestyle, but now they are targeting the children. Well I pray Sodom and Gomorrah doesn’t find its way into the toystore.

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