Preacher’s Wife Works at Local Abortion Clinic, She Says “God’s a Forgiving God”

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Preacher’s Wife Works at Local Abortion Clinic, She Says “God’s a Forgiving God”

By Carole Novielli |

abortionCallie Chatman’s Linkedin page says that she is a licensed, ordained Minister New Elam Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Callie’s bio also states that she worked as a Youth Minister and Adult Sunday School Teacher and she assists the pastor in any means necessary.

 Oddly, it also says she works at Reproductive Health, an abortion clinic in Alabama.

According to a pro-life activist who side walk counsels outside an abortion clinic in Montgomery, Callie Chatman indeed works for Reproductive Health Services abortion clinic in Montgomery. A video uploaded by pro-life activist David Day, allegedly shows that Callie’s husband, Pastor Louis Chatman of New Elam Baptist Church (below), dropping his wife off at the abortion clinic.

Ironically, David Day, Sr., told Christian News Network that Chatman has worked at Reproductive Health Services for years, along with her son Jerome, who is employed as a security guard at the location.

“I was stunned that there is actually a pastor’s wife that works there,” Day said. “I can’t image this pastor whose wife works at the clinic and his people not knowing.”

“I’ve spoken to her one-on-one, and she tells me that women know what they’re doing—they know what [abortion] is—but she says that there’s no sin greater [than God’s forgiveness], that we’re not to judge and that God forgives,” he outlined. “It’s always the same thing: We’re not to judge and God forgives. There’s none of us without sin, is what she says.”

Chatman’s work is no secret, she was mentioned in an Esquire article about another abortionist who claims to be a Christian, Willie Parker. The article stated:

        Right across is the recovery room, empty now. An elderly black woman named Callie Chatman sits waiting for the women to emerge from surgery. She’s a youth minister at a local Baptist church, where her husband is the pastor. She serves here as an exit counselor.


“You know, preacher been teaching that the wages of sin is death,” she says. “Not many of them know that God is a forgiving God. So if they ask me if I think they’ll go to hell, I tell them what Jesus say: ‘I do not condemn thee. Go and sin no more.’ I tell them not to make the same mistake—and how not to make the same mistake.”

Not one woman has told her that she thought abortion was okay, she adds. “What they have told me is it’s the last resort. And I am here to let them know that God will meet you right where you are. And then I ask them to accept Christ as their lord and savior.

A couple women have accepted, she says, right here in the recovery room.

It is difficult to imagine that anyone who calls themselves a Christian could work in a place that kills God’s children.

“Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles? ’Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ Matthew 7

LifeNews Note: Carole Novielli is the author of the blog Saynsumthn, where this article originally appeared.

28 Comments on “Preacher’s Wife Works at Local Abortion Clinic, She Says “God’s a Forgiving God””

  1. Why isn’t she in the waiting room trying to redirect their decision? Motivating, and instructing of God’s faithfulness and then remind them sin no more. These are consequences that will never leave the mind and never knowing the endless possibilities of that precious life. God does forgive definitely, but encourage young women before another sin is added!

  2. God puts his children in all places for all purposes, as he sees fit. I guess the angle is that, “How could you do this type of work?” When all loving God sees it as, “Where is there a need for my presence?” Humans sin, that’s what we go. But even abortion, we can ask for forgiveness. And there is someone that knows the words of prayer in the building.

    I was incarcerated & I prayed like whoa. Does that make my witness null & void? Let he that is without sin cast the first sin.

    1. I’ve done some wicked things before Christ but I don’t ever recall the Lord having a witness there while I committed my crimes against heaven so that they could tell me afterwards that God forgives you go your way basically, but as I look back in retrospect I do remember a voice that I shrugged off because I wanted to do my thing a voice telling me “you don’t have to do that” that was His Presence of grace in those places of sin where I walked

      1. I think everyone makes some valid points. But in this situation its not about who’s right but whats right. I think we all know that abortion is wrong, Agree!!!!!! So the question is , Is it alright for a Woman of God to in this since to advocate Abortion.

    2. Excuse me sir, but can you please point me to the scripture where it saids God places his children in all places for all purposes as He sees fit?

  3. At first glance of the title of this article, I thought that she was wrong and disgraceful. After reading it, I was in tears and my mind was completely changed.

    I had 2 abortions a few months apart from each other in 2003. If this lady would have been at the clinic I went to, maybe I wouldn’t have made the same mistake twice? Maybe I would have stopped seeing that married man?

    My first abortion, I cried the moment I walked in the “doctor office” because I FELT the evil. Then I cried throughout the entire procedure, causing the doctor to have an additional nurse in the room to consule me. In the recovery room, several beds lined the walls with other girls occupying them. While everyone else slept, I sat up and cried in my bed. No one came to me, tried to help me, or even talked to me. Then I was dismissed, and I left to go home and back to life. Then 2 months later pregnant again…..

    Do not condemn this women for fighting in the trenches where MOST of you wont go!! How can you save people who won’t go to church? I desire to do something similar as she is doing. The only thing I would suggest, is that she be the one giving the sonogram and counseling BEFORE the abortion to talk them out of going through with the procedure.

    1. You help them before they get to that table. Maybe she is doing the work of her lord and I don”t think anyone is condemning her here and her telling you that” God is forgiving” after your first abortion probably would not have prevented your second one,I am not being self righteous i have been in that same place the first one was a horrible experience spiritually and emotionally the second one was a little easier because” God will forgive you” as if there is no consequence for taking the life of the innocent. This women needs to get on the other side of the door to possibly stop the that first abortion. Don’t mean you any disrespect P H

  4. WOW! What’s her purpose for being there can someone please tell me. She should be on the other side of the door offering counsel before an innocent life is taken. Lord help us please!

  5. I can’t believe this!!! About God is a forgiving God, she needs to think the innocent blood He can crying everyday due to abortion around the world. Can you imagine hearing that everyday?

  6. This is a rather interesting article. There are some who will be there to counsel the women before they abort their babies and we thank God for them. Some of them will change their minds, others will not. Ultimately, they all make a choice. But I also thank God for this woman who is there to counsel with them after they have made the wrong choice. Some of you may not agree with her, but we all have our role to play in this life. If her role is to minister Jesus to them by showing them the way to the cross and that there is forgiveness through the blood and we are seeing the fruit of this ministry, then to God be the glory. It may not be the ideal job for most of us and I am sure many self-righteous Christians will judge her. They will never stop and ponder. Perhaps this is the ministry God has called her to. Her role is just as important as the person who counsels before. We do not know the heart of this woman…only God does.

    1. Paula, I agree with you. Callie Chatman may be the only Christian the young lady knows who is not condemning her. Who knows the number of lives she’s impacted. Ultimately we all must stand before the judgment seat of Christ but if showing God’s love is a “sin”, then I want to be guilty of that “sin.”

  7. This is just so sad man, these people are holding hands will the devil and think everything is ok, they’re deceiving themselves right now. Smh

  8. Wow this blows my mind, why aint she outside counseling before the murder, yeah God forgives but when you think you do no wrong and your actions are in line with is word, you dont repent, then you get told, depart from me you doers of iniquity……… sad

    1. People lie, commit adultery, fornication, steal, gossip, etc. etc. and no one is there BEFORE they sin to tell them they are wrong. Unless they have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of them they will do what is natural to them – SIN! Why do people go to counselling after they have committed sins and realized that they have messed up their lives by being disobedient? They go for help and healing. I do not see anything sad about what this woman is doing. Yes, abortion is wrong, yes, it grieves the heart of God, but how many women who have had abortions and have not been properly counselled after they have made the decision, find themselves with even more greater spiritual issues? Almost all of them! All most persons reading this article can see is that she is working at an abortion clinic, and she is a pastor’s wife – they are not seeing how she is helping the women after they have aborted their babies; they are not seeing how she can lead someone to Christ afterwards; they are not seeing the message of forgiveness she is sending to them. That is what is sad.

  9. So then I guess what Paul was saying about Grace and continuing to sin because of grace is out the window with this Pair. Funny How when someone is wrong the first thing they do is to try and quote Rom 3:23. Instead of looking at whats right, A Self Deflecting Defense Mechanism.

  10. I believe ya’ll are missing the point. This woman is not on the front lines, trying to persuade women from getting an abortion. She is simply giving them some water downed Christianity after they have committed the act. You can’t “go and sin no more” without true repentance. She is telling the women, that they simply made a wrong choice and not to go it again. She is not telling them that the wages of sin is death and that they feel bad because what they did was WRONG. So now, go to God, repent and sin no more. You can not have a real relationship with God without Godly repentance. This is not Christianity. “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.” Proverbs 14:12.
    If she had some real Holy Ghost power, you think they will still have her in that position? She would be at the front end of the issue, not the back.

  11. After reading the article and some of the comments I have come to the conclusion that this, although it sounds very disturbing, is a much needed thing that should be provided to these women that make an ultimately horrific decision to end the life of the most precious gift of the womb. Women need to know that God is still there for them and wants them to repent and sin no more. I think that a lot of women wouldn’t commit this tragic sign again after being reminded of their worth to God and how God gives them another chance to get it right in spite of their malicious disobedience to his word.

    These women need restoration and forgiveness and they need to be taken to the only living God who can give them that. Sometimes people get it before they make a terrible decision and unfortunately some people have to go through for it to sink in. Jesus caught the woman at the well in the very act of adultery and neither condemned her nor did he make light of her situation. He told her about her sin and told her not to do it again. These women need to be told of their sin and then told about the forgiveness of God and the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. I’m sure if there are women who felt like PH did they wouldn’t make that same mistake again.

    So question: Who will be that one to take these daughters by the hand and lead them to their heavenly father for restoration and forgiveness in the hopes that they might go and sin no more?

  12. It’s the same thing as a preacher’s wife working ( counseling that is) at a brothel, speaking to the johns as they left. It’s discernment, not judging folks. Ephesians 5:11

  13. Whoever is paying this woman of God is probably laughing at her. Imagine paying someone to tell them God forgives them. To forgive means you did something wrong; therefore abortion is wrong. This woman needs her mind renewed so she can see what she is doing is wrong. Not that you can’t counsel someone but the fact she’s doing it afterwards seems sad. If this lady is truly a woman of God she would counsel before they end their child’s life. These woman are not having an accidental surgery where they are losing their children they are making a choice to end a life. I pray for them.

  14. At first, I thought she was actually performing or condoning abortions, but here, it seems she is working as an exit counselor at the clinic. The title is a bit misleading. It’s different, actually; she’s on the opposite end. Usually, there are already people outside or in the waiting room who are trying to redirect the women’s decision already, but many women choose to go forward.

    Here, though, we have a woman on the opposite end after it’s all said and done. When I think about it, there are many of women who go through with that decision of aborting their child, and when they leave out those doors, they feel horrible, regretful, and as though they can’t be forgiven. As far as I know, there’s no one to meet them outside those doors to say that Jesus will forgive them of their sins if they repent and give their life to Him. Usually, that person may come later (or sooner) down the road in their lives.

    So, this woman, after the decision has been made, is offering Christ just as the person at the door did. You get Christ at the precipice of this decision and Christ at the end, when the decision has been made. I find it interesting.

    1. And also to add onto my comment, we also have done this. Haven’t many of us been told to not to do something and yet we go and do it anyway? Just as those women needed to be shared the gospel message of Christ’s love, salvation, and forgiveness, how much more so do we often need the forgiveness of Christ when we do wrong after someone has already told us the right way to go? It’s just something to think about.

      1. My thoughts as well. I can remember doing the very thing my grandma told me not to do growing up and after I did it I had to live with the consequence but she was right there afterwards willing to forgive me. Everyone needs someone there for them after it’s all said and done to be that reminder that you did what you were not supposed to do and you will have to live with the scares but you still have a chance to go and sin no more. Jesus said it so plain that most people can’t understand it because they want everything to be so difficult like you have to jump through hoops or something. People just take God’s word for what it is. #itsnotthatdeep.

  15. I think what’s more disturbing than what this woman is doing, is Reading some of the most ridiculous & dumb-filled comments concerning this article! FYI: That is NOT that woman’s roll, and the…..WE SHOULDN’T JUDGE THING is getting redundanty tiresome! SMH

  16. Is the clinic’s name an oxymoron, or what? There are not any gray areas in the word. We all fall short, but when
    you are in a position of leadership, you got to have your ducks in a row. The word says don’t even give the appearance of being evil. And people (even unbelievers) are smart, and will see right through this as not being in line with what you are preaching. Nobody is judging those who have had abortions. God forgives this sin also.
    It would make everyone feel a little better, if she was counselling away from this place, it wouldn’t be a story.

  17. I don’t really know what I think about this. Abortion is wrong and most Christians see that without a problem. But so is birth control but most Christians in western society would disagree. We see right to life when a woman is pregnant, we see choice when she is not. This is the hypocrisy. Those who often express the most anger have no problem with birth control but have righteous indignation about this woman’s place of employment. Most Christians who see homosexuality as sin (and it is) have no problem watching shows that promote it, even hgtv. Our toes need to be stepped on because her choice has been laid out publicly but only God sees our inward hypocrisy. What she needs is our prayer. She needs for the body (her family) to pray that the will of Father God is done in her life and work. Then we need to ask God where our inward hypocrisy is so that we can repent. Children are a heritage of the Lord. Don’t forget that God killed a man for spilling his seed, that was his form of birth control. Now how long has He given you Grace?

  18. Of the women that I’ve known to have abortions, there’s always a heaviness that comes with the procedure. Some were believers, others weren’t but they all felt the same afterwards. I do feel that this lady needs to leave this profession and repent because she saw a sister in error and did not correct her, which causes the blood of the innocent to be on her hands also. If she wants to secure her place with the Father, she also need to repent, rededicate her life to Christ, and “go and sin no more.”

  19. The most disappointinh thing about this article is the comments and it’s a shame they have been published.

    1. Abortion is sin. A sin that normally comes from other sins such as fornication and/or adultery. How do u think u can commit such a GREAT sin, HUMAN SACRIFICE! N come out after like ‘oh God forgives’. Let us all just ne wild and say God forgives then. How silly are u guys, who do you think u r playing with? AS MUCH as he is the same God that gave up his only son for us, he is ALSO the same God that flooded the earth because of sin, the same God that destroyed sodom & gomorrah. THE SAME GOD THAT AFTER CHRIST RETURNS, HE WILL POUR HIS WRATH ON THE EARTH. This woman is a fraud, if abortion disgusted her as much as it should she wouldnt be able to speak to them straight aftr these loose women hv just killed a human life, human sacrifice that they practiced as worship to the god molech

    2. STOP ACTING LIKE ALL SIN IS EQUAL. IM SO TIRED OF THIS. is it not the same bible that said all other sin is outside the body but sexual immorality is AGAINST THE BODY. DO U WANT TO EQUATE ME STEALING A COLLEAGUES LUNCH FROM THE FRIDGE AT WORK TO AN ABORTION??? (hvnt dome that btw). What is wrong with the ppl in the comments. DO YOU KNOW THAT THE WORD OF GOD ISNT THERE TO AGREE WITH U. DO U KNOW THT AS HUMANS THE WORD OF GOD WILL CONVICT U? why do we always try n soften it up to sleep at night? Why not just flee from sin

    3. This woman is offering forgiveness like she is God.. all shes doing is making these women feel COMFORTABLE. HOW DO U TRULY REPENT STRAIGHT AFTER COMMITTING SUCH GREAT SIN. yeah let me kill all my family n then say a quick prayer n ill be good. Wow. So dumb

    STOP trying to make God someone u r comfortable with. GET UNCOMFORTABLE ND FIX UP. the comments r so ridiculous, this woman is a major fraud n its crazy to see how many ppl didnt read wt im reading. Ppl love to think theyre doing the work of God wen deep dwn there r ulterior motives. Maybe this woman does it to make herself feel good about an abortion shes probably had in the past.

    U ppl r self centred n quite disgusting. How the world has rationalized the greatest abominations in the world is pathetic because ‘christians’ r buying into it.

    I had to post this so aftr all these foolish comments somebody can read something from someone who is NOT looking to make u comfortable with sin, especially shedding INNOCENT BLOOD.

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