School District Sues Obama Admin for Threatening to Pull Funds if Boy Not Allowed in Girls’ Restroom

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By Heather Clark |

 Man-looking-over-bathroom-stall-at-woman-funny-toilet-signCOLUMBUS, Ohio — A school district in Ohio has filed a federal lawsuit against the Obama administration for threatening to pull its funding after administrators would only provide single occupancy spaces for a male student who identifies as female rather than allow them to use the restroom with the opposite sex.
According to reports, the anonymous student attends Highland Elementary school and was born a male. After completing kindergarten, the student’s guardian advised school officials that the child would now identify as female, and requested that he be referred to as a girl.

 The school obliged, but the following year, when the guardian requested that the child be allowed to use the girls’ facilities, officials declined. They instead offered single occupancy rooms for the boy out of privacy and decency concerns for the other students.
Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which is representing the Highland School District in court, says that if an exception was made for the student, the entire district policy would need to be changed, which would have potentially serious ramifications in other settings (Click here to read more)

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