Single Saved Content: Kim Burrell + JayZ = Mark Of The Beast

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In my video Single Saved Content, I discussed certain women ministries that target single believers and lead them away from God’s plan for them. The bible speaks of these so called “ministers” and says that they “creep into the houses of silly women” to take advantage of their lack of covering and their sinful oppression.  Kim Burrell has proven that she driven by her desire for fame and has caused many of her followers to become confused and misled by her affectation.

In this video clip, she is elated that she has recorded with Jay Z,  also known as jay hova god, who worships the devil and promotes lasciviousness in his lyrics. Why in the world would a so called “pastor” be excited about being apart of project like this? Well, remember, Kim was attacked for her so called anti gay rant that she did at her church, targeting the sin of the LGBT movement. And now it just so happens that JayZ’s mother comes out as lesbian on the same album that Kim is featured on! Coincidence? I think not!.

Also, Kim practices new aged numerology, which is a satanic practice, to decode her own personal spirit guides.  She says in this video that her spirit guides number is 222. JayZ’s new album that she is featured on is named 444.  Add those numbers together and you get 666.  People, please, heed the warning. I have been preaching about these things happening for 20 years and we have countless videos explaining where all of this is going. Do not be deceived! The coming of the Lord is near!  Watch the video below!

2Tim. 3:6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Single Saved Content - The Power of One Pt. 2Being a single Christian is hard in our society. There are so many temptations that come to oppose God’s plan for your life. One bad choice can trigger a snowball effect that can knock you off course and will require much patience and perservence to get back on the right path. There are so many voices, ideals, and concepts that it can be difficult to discern what is the “right path” for a single believer. We are grateful that God left us an instruction manual to navigate through these troubling times. The Bible speaks clearly about God’s plan for single believers. In this powerful video, G. Craige Lewis uses the Word to help guide single believers into the purpose that God has for them. This video will not only give you sound biblical information, but it will also provide you ways to work through mistakes and errors that you are struggling with. This 2 hour presentation contains applicable content for any Christian, however it is tailor made for the specific challenges of present day single believers.  Download or order your copy now!

4 Comments on “Single Saved Content: Kim Burrell + JayZ = Mark Of The Beast”

  1. That is very sad and shows where her affections truly lie–with the world. We know them by their fruit. Why would a Christian collaborate with an artist who has demonstrated (numerous times) that he worships Satan? Let’s not forget His wife’s demonic performances as well. I have seen the lyrics for this album (filth, flarn, filth), and they don’t glorify the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. We need to be in the Word–that is our plumb line . We need to get close to God and get right. These are the last days and people will be deceived if they don’t know the truth.

  2. This chick is SO out of touch with the spirit of God. It’s a shame how some people want to do-what they want to do so badly, that they lie on God and say that He ordered their steps. They make the Lord an accessory to their crime…Terrible!!!

  3. This is no suprise at all… shes been heading down this path for years now… from the time that she did the video wearing something like a nightgown, to when she was a judge on Sundays best and shes telling the gospel contestants not to sing gospel, to her colab with Pherell Williams last year and now this. The really sad part is that you will always have carnal minded believers who will support her in this and call her “a blessed women of God”… we are not to be deceived or lead astray there is STILL a different between holy and unholy

  4. Angel Numbers??? This is demon-ism. Seeking and worshiping and seeking/following angels are forbidden in the Bible. This woman is a heretic and a reprobate.

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