Sins Of The Fathers 2 – Forgiving Daddy

G Craige Lewissins of the fathers1 Comment

Carrying unforgiveness in your heart for your father will cause you to defy biblical precepts. You cannot cry for justice for your fathers wrong and cry for mercy for your own. In this message, Pastor Lewis talks about forgiving your father so you yourself can be forgiven.

One Comment on “Sins Of The Fathers 2 – Forgiving Daddy”

  1. Love the ‘Unforgiveness” sermon, it is so on point. Praying for my son, a wonderful young man with a giving and hurting heart because of issues surrounding his alcoholic dad who is getting worst and yet remaining in denial about being an alcoholic. I pray God’s supernatural healing for my husband, our son, our daughters and my 5 grandchildren. I pray reconciliation for my family. I love the Lord and His truth. I refuse to accept divorce as a solution . I pray for our home to be a joy filled place where the Spirit of the Lord reign supreme. I am holding on and trusting God for His divine healing because I know Him as a healer. I thank Him and praise Him no matter what.

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