Tactical Reprieve: Babies made without mothers coming sooner than later.

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 9 – Tactical Reprieve, I discussed how knowledge would increase and our world would mirror the days of Noah in the end times. That time is now and the time is ripe for the coming of our savior. We have seen them grow babies in laboratories in movies and its a thing that scientists have desired to do for decades. They now have the technology to achieve this! This will solidify man’s godhood in the earth! But it comes with a price which i discussed more in depth in Tactical Reprieve.

This is a way that LGBT lifestyles can have children. But even more sinister is the fact that women are going to sign up for this just so they can keep working and achieving their personal goals without the fuss of having children. They can just pick up a baby in a vending machine and drop it off at daycare so that it does not interfere with their job and careers. The sad part is that most women in our society have already abandoned their creation roles for earthly success and achievements. It’s time to get back to what’s important to God. Marriage, family, rearing children and bringing them up in the Word of God! That’s the only way to combat the agenda of antichrist for the end times.

Daily Mail: Babies made without mothers could come sooner than we think, leading biologists claim.

Late last year, a team at the University of Bath discovered that sperm and skin cells – or any other kind of non-egg cell – might be all you need for conception.

At the time, they said the scenario of men conceiving with men was ‘speculative and fanciful’.

But in a new report published today, the top embryologists at Harvard and Brown Universities urge nations to begin contemplating the legal minefield that would surround mother-less babies.

‘With science and medicine hurtling forward at breakneck speed, the rapid transformation of reproductive and regenerative medicine may surprise us,’ they write. 

‘Before the inevitable, society will be well advised to strike and maintain a vigorous public conversation on the ethical challenges of IVG [in vitro gametogenesis].’

Eggs can be tricked into developing into an embryo without fertilization, but the embryos, called parthenogenotes, die after a few days.

Scientists at Bath have developed a method of injecting mouse parthenogenotes with sperm so they can go on in many cases to become healthy pups.

Working with mice, the team produced healthy offspring while bypassing the normal process of fertilising an egg cell with sperm. Read More

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