Tactical Reprieve: Scientist Bringing Back The Woolly Mammoth (and other things)!

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop 9 – Tactical Reprieve, I discussed different technologies that man has to bring back creatures and beings from the past. The bible says: Luke 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. Scientist are now working hard to make this biblical passage a reality by using technology to bring back the things that existed during the pre flood earth period. Not only are scientist doing this, but sin is recreating that era as well. Violence and perversion were issues in that period just like they are today. As man pushes to recreate the pre flood period, those of us that are truly in Christ should rejoice, because our day of redemption draws nigh.

HISTORY: Woolly mammoths roamed free across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America during the last Ice Age, before vanishing entirely about 4,000 years ago. Scientists believe a combination of a changing global climate and hunting by humans contributed to their extinction. Now a team of researchers is using the latest techniques in genetic engineering to bring the woolly mammoth back—to fight climate change. This week, the team’s leader announced that he and his colleagues are close to creating a hybrid mammoth-elephant embryo, and could do so within two years.

Ahead of the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Boston this week, Professor George Church of Harvard University spoke about the progress his team has made over two years of trying to recreate the genetic blueprint of the long-extinct woolly mammoth. According to Church, a world-renowned geneticist, his team believes it can create a mammoth-elephant hybrid, with many of the recognizable woolly mammoth features, in embryo form within two years.

Since 2015, Church and his fellow scientists have been working to isolate the mammoth genes and splice them into the DNA of an Asian elephant, the closest living relative to the woolly mammoth. To do this, they are using a gene-editing technique known as CRISPR/Cas9, which Church helped develop. Derived from a system bacteria uses to defend against viruses, the tool allows geneticists to “cut and paste” strands of DNA more precisely than ever before. Read More

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