TBHH9: BBC develops 'mind-control TV' headset for iPlayer app

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BBC develops ‘mind-control TV’ headset for iPlayer app

by BBC Technology

_83695811_83695810If you think controlling your TV with your mind is the stuff of science fiction, think again.

The BBC, in collaboration with tech company This Place, has developed a way people can select programmes using a cheap, brainwave-reading headset.

The headset works with an experimental version of the BBC’s iPlayer on-demand platform.

Users can turn on and operate the app by concentrating or relaxing their minds.

“It’s an internal prototype designed to give our programme makers, technologists and other users an idea of how this technology might be used in future,” said Cyrus Saihan, head of business development for the BBC’s Digital division.

In the first trial, 10 BBC staff tried out the app and were able to launch iPlayer and start viewing a programme via the headset, he said.

“It was much easier for some than it was for others, but they all managed to get it to work,” said Mr Saihan.

This type of technology could be used to help people with a broad range of disabilities who cannot use traditional TV remote controls very easily, Mr Saihan believes.

Manipulating electronic devices using brainwaves is becoming more widespread.

For example, in February technology firm Tekever demonstrated how a drone could be remotely controlled using brainpower alone.

The pilot controlled the aircraft wearing a skullcap embedded with electronic sensors that could read his brain activity.

You can watch a video about the iPlayer mind control project here.

3 Comments on “TBHH9: BBC develops 'mind-control TV' headset for iPlayer app”

  1. There’s not much of anything worth watching on TV for a Christian. A better question, Can We Control Your Mind
    With Our TV?

  2. Wow technology has evolved for our time yet it’s amazing how they hide things for years and say New technology. Thank you Pastor Lewis and all who help with the information you give on everything you send from daily word to your dvds. As I read the article I only thought of how easy it would be in years to come to steal and drive a car or hack and rewire money from just using mind control this invention is to only make manipulation easier for lazy thieves and to allow the ignorant to have power over what they want.I woke up to this article and thought about every message given on music and just about anything you’ve preached about.Thank you for all the information you give.

  3. No doubt this thing sends a signal both ways. The Lord would have gave us use of the pineal gland, if it was really useful for us. I remember a horror movie about this doctor manipulating this gland. It did not end well for him. Best to leave that third eye alone.

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