Teacher with HIV indicted for molesting teen allegedly used fraternity

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Teacher of the Year Candidate with HIV Accused of Using His Fraternity to Sleep with Children

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There are scary things that happen in life every single day, and then there are the flat out nightmares.  The story of Philip Burns is a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks that a good education and a nice smile mean that danger can’t be nearby.


Burns was the former Teacher of the Year candidate at an elementary school in Dougherty County, GA, teaching third graders over a period of four years.  This week, the teacher was indicted for child mοlestation, reckless conduct, criminal solicitation and a host of other very serious charges, according to WALB News 10.

The teacher worked at a magnet school during the years that the alleged crimes took place.  He was considered a strong candidate for teacher of the year before the accusations surfaced.   He isn’t accused of attempting to victimize any of the kids in his class, but after taking a job in Muscogee County,

the man was accused of targeting young junior league members of a fraternity.  Police have not named the fraternity in question.

The Albany district attorney’s office says that the teacher used his role as a mentor as a way to get close to boys in an unhealthy and harmful way.  Police were alerted of the teacher’s alleged actions by the parents of a 15-year old boy who was part of the group.

“There was a hideοus crime that had been committed. The possibility of several different incidents,” Dougherty County School Police Chief Troy Conley told WALB. “And although he had moved on, and was no longer here in Dougherty County, we did have information he was part of a school system in Muscogee County, Georgia.”

Burns had been previously arrested and charged with felony reckless conduct, during which time, his HIV positive status came to light.  Police say that the man knew he was HIV positive when he slept with children.

“There is always the possibility that there may have been other victims out there. And hopefully if they are, they will develop the courage to come forward,” Conley told WALB. “We’re concerned about their well being and their health at this point.”

Anyone who has had contact with this man is being asked to call 229-431-1812.


16 Comments on “Teacher with HIV indicted for molesting teen allegedly used fraternity”

  1. This is truly a heartbreaking story. Not only is this guy demented for molesting kids but to add HIV on top of that. More young men screwed up mentally, sexually, emotionally and even physically… These young people wont have a chance to live out their lives b/c this monster knowingly infected them!! Come Lord Jesus! 🙁

  2. This makes my stomach turn!! Has this fool never known anyone with HIV and the rate of disease progression? Dude is a devil and anyone who does this to children should be shown no mercy, especially if he gave those kids HIV!!

  3. Lord Jesus!! I do t want to sound like I’m numb to this disgusting crime, but this doesn’t surprise me either. Living in the last days! Repent, and give your whole! Heart to The Lord, look up He’s coming soon…

    1. Joel Howard,
      Sadly, it isn’t just the ‘public schools’ any more, because I’m seeing this ‘across the boards’ (public, private, etc.). We need to keep these ‘children, teens, etc.’ in our daily prayers.

  4. Please look out for all the children that was involved in the horrible crime God. I pray all of them will be well in Jesus name.

  5. OMG what a horrible thing for these children to go through, when I read this I think about my 15 year old as well, if something like this had to happen to him God forbid. I don’t know what would happen to Barnes. But I put these children life in the hands of God and pray that every thing will be ok with them, and hope that their did not contact that HIV.

  6. This is horrible!!!! We have to train our kids to be bold, not cowards because he seduced them and they should have got away from him especially if they was teenagers. You know right from wrong, allowing this man to trck you out your underwear then cry later unless you are 5 , but 15 come on people!!!!!

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