The Goodfather Series

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good-fatherIn a society that is rampant with the degradation of men and elevation of women on a global scale, who can find a good example of a husband and a father?  Today’s generation is in desperate need of a message that will bring healing and deliverance to those that are without strong men in the homes. Why is this epidemic of fatherlessness not being proclaimed and exposed from every pulpit?  Who will be bold enough to deal with the elephant in the room?  Men, women and especially our  youth are being led astray because the fathers have left their God-given posts.  Two-parent homes are on the brink of extinction as the New World Order agenda steadily progresses forward with little resistance.

G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries brings a rare and timely message of the importance of a father’s role in the home.  If the father is absent, the enemy will have free reign to take women and children captive, which is the present state of our culture.  G. Craige Lewis calls every man, young and old, to take their rightful place as provider, protector and priest of their homes.  This video is not just for men, but with proper application, it will be a blessing to your household for many generations to come.  Are you ready to stand up and fight for your homes, God’s way? Click here to get your copy now! 

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  1. Thank you very much for this series, as what you have mentioned is right on the mark, and unfortunately the WORST “father figure” on t.v. is of course a ‘black man’ (Lucious Lyon of ‘Empire’ (who along with his wife Cookie, systematically destroy their sons at almost EVERY turn).
    Our Heavenly Abba is very rarely acknowledged, and I suspect this IS the main reason why there are very true father figures around today, but pushing mother figures to the forefront is gaining in speed. Lord help us?!

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