The Truth Behind Hip Hop Series: Smoking Weed Can Makes You Violent

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In my video The Truth Behind Hip Hop, I talked about marijuana being a hallucinogen drug. It disconnects your guardian (frontal lobe) and allows spirits to control your thoughts and actions. This is why every popular, antichrist movement has used weed as it’s drug of choice. From Rastafarians, Hippies, Transcendental Meditation, Hip Hop Culture, and even Black Hebrew Israelites, weed is the drug that the devil uses to operate through them and coerce them to rebel. This article is highlighting just one of the many side effects of weed smoking. Getting blunted when you are already suppressing anger, wrath, and disappointment in your heart, can cause you to react unseeingly and out of character. These are spirits invading your mind because your guardian has been compromised. As our nation moves to legalize the use of this drug we will begin to see more and more violent outbursts, mass killings, and vengeful actions carried out in our society than ever before.


DAILYMAIL: Cannabis users are more likely to commit violent crime, pioneering research has shown.

It warned those who smoke the drug regularly run an increased risk of using violence against others.

The project is the first to demonstrate that cannabis is not only linked with violent crime but is the cause.

Violent incidents monitored by the study based on the lives of more than 1,100 American psychiatric patients included assaults, attacks with weapons and rapes.

Pictured: A CCTV image of the Somali-born Muhiddin Mire, 30, (left) during a shocking rampage at Leytonstone Tube station. A court heard his addiction to skunk cannabis had altered his brain to make him believe he was being followed by MI5

Researchers said that cannabis causes violence and they found no evidence that the link is the other way round – ie that violent people are more likely to use cannabis.

There was no support, they added, for theories put forward by campaigners anxious to free the drug from the taint of links with crime.

The academics said the effect of cannabis use was clear and not diminished by other factors such as patients who were heavy drinkers of alcohol. Read More

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