4 Comments on “The Truth Behind Hip Hop: Young Thug, Rings, and Things”

  1. Thank’s G Craig for bringing this out in the open. I was actually doing my own research and notice a lot of well-known people in the gospel industry that had homosexual rings on their pinky finger. I pulled up some old youtube videos of T.D. Jakes and notice he always wore pinky rings on his finger. I also pulled up youtube videos of one the most sung gospel songs called, “I won’t complain”, by Rev, Paul Jones, and discovered he wore pinky rings. Even, Rev, James Cleveland he wore one earring in his ear, which was a well-known sign in his time for homosexuality. As they say, the devil is in the details. It is sad, that no one until now, like G Craig, has brought this to the forefront. Thanks again for opening up the eyes of the Body of Christ.

  2. My thing is….why is lil durk still alive?
    He has so many enemies from Chicago all he does is autotune. He doesn’t know how to rap. Him and chief keef don’t deserve fame. They have tattoos and smoke all the time. It’s not fair for these artists to be famous. Ppl are listening to them and it’s crazy how they think gang banging is fun till somebody gets shot. Just to throw up gang signs on fb or Instagram because they think they’re hard.

  3. Lil durk i seen with this weird fat on youtube talkin about battle rap hes name is queenzflip. Lil durk father is in prison so thats his excuse to be a gang member. Because my father wasn’t around? Sounds Like excuses. Like lil durk is grown up now. It’s so funny how lil durk is so hard as a gang member. What has he done for the homeless or mental illness ppl? I don’t understand why he makes music with young thug and he has like 3 babies like with fat white girl like shes ugly she’s not even pretty. 😷

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