Thieves in the Temple: Sucking Graves for Power?

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In my video Thieves in the Temple, I discussed Kundalini and how many “Charismatic” ministries use serpent power, mistaking it for the Holy Spirit. People are claiming crazy manifestations in many of these fake revivals which include gold dust covering their faces, angel wings falling from the ceiling, diamond and gold pieces on the floors, and even gold fillings growing over the cavities in their mouths. The problem with these so called manifestations is that when people have attempted to authenticate them, they can never prove that it’s real. The gold dust always turns out to be plastic, the angel wings are usually goose down feathers, the diamonds are laser cut, and the gold fillings were put in by dentists prior to the revivals. Why would God blow plastic glitter on folks? Why would He cover a bad tooth instead of just giving the person a new one? Why would jeweler cut stones fall from the sky? Wouldn’t they be raw and uncut if they came from God? There is no Zales in heaven people. This is foolishness!!

graveThe latest trend from these Charis-maniacs is Grave Sucking! Grave sucking is the practice of believers going to the graves of dead saints to make physical contact with the grave to get the anointing of the dead saint by transference, during contemplative prayer. They often will sit, lay down on, or lay hands on the grave or tombstone to accomplish this. The premise is that people feel they can swiftly advance in spiritual power or jump-start their spiritual lives or destiny by going to the graves of dead saints and suck or ‘grab’ that person’s anointing to themselves. It has been explained as receiving a sort of spiritual inheritance, and as a sudden large cash inheritance can change a life, so too they say, can a sudden spiritual inheritance received by grave sucking move their spiritual life quickly forward.

It is an error that twists an Old Testament event, using the case of 2 men burying another when they saw some Moabite raiders coming*, and wanting to get out of there, quickly lowered the dead man into Elisha’s nearby grave. To their surprise he sprang back to life upon touching Elisha’s bones. *II Kings 13:20-21
The issue with trying to replicate this occurrence is that the man was not revived with Elisha’s anointing at all! He did not get a spiritual calling from him. He only received his life again. All gifts come from the Father and from the Holy Spirit. We do not covet the gifts of others because God gives gifts and callings as He wills. We are to covet the earnest gifts from above, not from inside of a person. We just seek God and He will impart what needs to be imparted.

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

The problem is that folks want the spiritual realm to over shadow their natural existence. In other words, they make bad choices in the natural and so they want to redeem their status in the eyes of others by using unseen things that cannot be validated. This is an epidemic that is occurring every day in many Charismatic and Evangelical circles: people proving their worth by doing spiritual things.
God gave us a way to prove our worth. Men should take care of their wives and children. That proves their worth. Women should care for their husband and homes, that proves their worth. Our creation roles from God prove us and give us value in this life. Any other spiritual gifting is for God and not us! He gets the glory for that, we do not. So, what we do for Him cannot be used to give us earthly value.
1John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
dummyHow has the devil been able to infiltrate Christ’s church with his Hindu Kundalini revival through his false prophets to counter the authentic spiritual awakening so many believers have been praying for? It’s has been said, “When you are right, you know it, and when you are wrong, you know it. However, when you are deceived, you don’t have a clue!” In an effort to test everything and hold fast to that which is good, in “Thieves in The Temple,” G. Craige Lewis uses the Bible as a plumb line to both align and discern fleshly, demonic, and authentic Holy Spirit manifestations in the church. Though the Bible tells us not to quench the spirit, it also clearly expects us not to quench discernment and to have a mature, balanced, biblical approach to spiritual encounters in your Christian experience so that you can distinguish the holy from the profane! Click to get your copy now!

3 Comments on “Thieves in the Temple: Sucking Graves for Power?”

  1. Someone gave me those dvd’s and i though it was amazing. Now i hear the truth about that stuff. I wi burn that dvd’s tonight. Thanks Pastor Graige Lewis.

  2. This is so sad! Thank you G Craig Lewis for exposing this and allowing God to use you in order to keep his saints informed. This helps me to pray more against specific things that the enemy is doing to deceive people. He has no authority or right over God’s people. Let’s pray against his wicked traps and lies so that God’s children will return to their true love and leave these false practices alone!

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