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Reality Show ‘Preachers of Atlanta’ to Feature ‘Pastor’ Who Hands Out Cigarettes, Condoms on Street

By Heather Clark |

Atlanta-compressedATLANTA — The television network Oxygen has announced the second round of its controversial preacher reality show, this time following five Georgia ministers, including one rap artist, a female preacher with a rocker hairdo and tutu, and a Grammy Award-winning gospel singer who admits that she passes out cigarettes and condoms on the streets.

“Preachers of Atlanta” comes on the heels of its much-debated “Preachers of L.A.” broadcast, which featured the lavish lives of several California ministers, including one gospel singer who sought to make a comeback after having a child out of wedlock with his girlfriend.

“Preachers of Atlanta features a young, vibrant group of pastors who are pushing the envelope and tackling real-world issues in their communities, creating thought-provoking dialogue,” Rod Aissa, Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development at Oxygen Media, said of the new series in a statement.

“I take it to the streets. I pass out cigarettes and condoms,” Le’Andria Johnson, who leads Imperfect People Changing (I.P.C.) Ministries, declares in a preview for “Preachers of Atlanta.” “I do all of that, but at the end of the day, when God tells me to do something, I do it.”

Johnson first made headlines about her practice in 2013, which she claimed was a way to witness to the lost, when a video surfaced of Johnson approaching a homeless man and offering him a cigarette while lighting one for herself.

“I’m all for meeting people where they are and I do realize that most people aren’t going to wander into your church looking to be saved. … But handing out ‘cancer sticks’ is pushing it,” wrote Gerald Jones of at that time.

Johnson was named Billboard’s number one female gospel artist in 2012, and won best gospel/contemporary Christian music performance at the 2011 Grammy Awards for her debut single, “Jesus.”

Preachers of Atlanta” also features female leader Kimberly Jones-Ponthier, who founded a movement called “Conquering Hell in High Heels.” Jones-Ponthier, who heads Church of the Harvest in Fayetteville as a “life coach,” is known for her rocker persona mixed with tutus and high heels.

“I preach better when I’m me,” she explains in the Oxygen preview.



The upcoming reality show will follow Ponthier as she prepares to meet her husband’s sons from a previous relationship.

Others to be featured on the broadcast include Judah Swilley of The Movement, whose father, James Swilley, a bishop, came out as a homosexual in 2010.

“People need to realize that morality has nothing to do with sexuality. There are gay people with great morals and straight people with horrible morals,” Judah Swilley contended to the Georgia Voice that year. “The idea of being gay is immoral has to go. In people’s minds, for some reason they can’t understand how you can be gay and a Christian.”

“Christians hate gay people,” his father claims in the preview.

Canton Jones, a nationally-recognized rap artist who leads Free Life Church in Fayette, is additionally among the five ministers followed in the reality show, as well as Corey Hambrick of Life Church Christian Center in Conyers, who also serves as a police officer and works with inner city youth.

The broadcast is set to air on Feb. 3 on the Oxygen Network. Public reaction has been mixed.

“Can’t wait to see this new series. It appears like the ministers are diverse and appear to be anointed,” one commenter named Annora MP wrote on the show’s Facebook page.

“Another disgrace to body of Christ!” exclaimed commenter Dorcia Soilberry.

 (see EXTV article The Exploitation of ‘Christian’ Reality TV published Jan 8,  2015)

Le’Andria Johnson’s antics




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5 Comments on “Trojan Horse Pride of Life | Reality Show Preachers of Atlanta”

  1. These men are women are NOT true believers of Jesus Christ. The god they serve is not the True and the Living God. The God of the Holy Scriptures does NOT violate His Word to win souls nor does He compromise. These folk, according to scripture, already have their reward.

    1. I completely agree. We are in the days of turning away.

      They truly give Christianity a bad name. That’s why many men and women are confused because of false leaders like them. I’m so old fashioned, but why are these women in a position over men in congregation. … I know there were great women in the Bible, but they never held position over men.

  2. We are living in the last days. When will people get back to the true message of Jesus – salvation and repentance. We are not to be like the world. When did the gospel become not enough to reach people? We need more praying and fasting so that GOD can do the work, not us with our wordly gimmicks.

  3. In looking at the cast, none of these ministries jump out as worthy of television time. Given what we have seen of Leandria Johnson, there is no need to give her a platform. Even with a figutre like Canton Jones, this show is nothing to write home about. There are enough “pimp preachers” in the ATL that could draw the ratings like Oxygen wants to have. To be honest, this will do nothing for their ministries and could hurt rather than help.

  4. The conduct of these so-called preachers in the series of Preachers of…….is nothing short of shame, and it is ludicrous. Jesus did associate with sinners, showed his love and grace, yet he remained holy. I find the whole modern performance preaching and “hip” lifestyles of those who participate disgusting.

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