2KTeens: Teens Outsmart Parents With Finstagram

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In my video Understanding The 2K Teen, I discussed the importance of protecting our teenagers from themselves. A teenager is not an adult, therefore, they need guidance and disciplining. Nowadays, this encompasses the digital realm as well as the physical realm. Parents must police their kids on the internet as well as in the real world because the internet is where they spend most of their time. Because parents have signed on to Facebook and Instagram now, most teens have taken to snapchat and other forms of social media to evade them. But many of them are creating fake accounts so their online behavior can go undetected. Don’t just pray for your children, but invade their privacy and get into their lives. This is the only way to truly protect them from themselves and juvenile decisions that can damage their futures!

4WWL REPORTS * At the request of those interviewed for this piece, names have been changed. 

The lines between what’s real and what’s fake are blurred on social media. The severity of phoniness varies, as does the impact such phoniness has on users. While some social media sites are cracking down on fake content, Instagram has changed its platform, in part to accommodate the rise of a new Instagram trend: The finsta.

“A finsta is a fake Instagram account,” 19-year-old Bri explains.  “You post whatever. You post really wild things you wouldn’t want anyone to see like your grandma.”

Bri and her friend Rachel are among Instagram’s 600 million users. They are young and smart and fashionable, dressed as if they just stepped out of an Urban Outfitters ad. Rachel doesn’t have her own finsta account, but follows a number of her friends that do. Bri, on the other hand, is a finsta pro.

Finsta is a relatively new thing, starting in response to parents creating their own social media accounts. The number of 30 to 49-year-olds using social media has shot up 69 percent since 2005. That same age group of online adults accounted for 33 percent of Instagram users in 2016.  Social media has effectively been infiltrated by nosy parents. So naturally, teens found a work around. The solution on Instagram was finsta.

“My finsta is unfiltered. That’s the point”, Bri says “This is kind of like an outlet to show everyone ‘yeah, I go hard’”. Finsta is a fake account, secondary to one’s real Instagram profile, or rinsta. When asked if her parents knew she had a finsta, she responded with an emphatic, “Oh God, no!”. She later disclosed she has at least three Instagram accounts. Read More

Attention Parents, Pastors, and Youth Leaders!  There is something you need to know about your teens!  What is the problem?  Satan has an agenda and desires to destroy our future which starts with our young!  He has targeted them inside and outside of the church and seeks to destroy the number one influence in their lives… their PARENTS!  In this video seminar, G. Craige Lewis shows us how to deal with the mentality of today’s youth and how to properly reach them. Download your copy now! 

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