Young Man Interrupts The News And Leaves This Anchor In Tears

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Young Man Interrupts The News And Leaves This Anchor In Tears

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99e3ba216a976a23e575483804c46187Ke’onte is a 14-year-old boy who has not had an easy life; he spent 4 years in foster care looking for a family. A local TV news anchor had featured him in a story about adoption hoping to help find Ke’onte a home, but he had little success. Finally, after a second story on Ke’onte had been published, he was able to find a permanent home.

Ke’onte wanted to show how appreciative he was to the news anchor, WFAA’s Gloria Campos, so he planned an incredible surprise for her. During a live news broadcast Ke’onte walked onto the stage and embraced Gloria. It was a moment of joy and shock that left her in tears in front of countless viewers.

According to the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, there are almost 400 thousand children in the foster care system in the United States alone. Although around 100 thousand of these children are eligible for adoption, about 30% will wait over 3 years before they finally find a home. Ke’onte’s story is just one of the hundreds of thousand stories of children affected by the foster care system.

Everyone at Worthy Tales is ecstatic that Ke’onte was able to find a home. If this video touched you like it touched us, make sure to share it with your friends. It’s always nice to know there are good people working to make the world a better.



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7 Comments on “Young Man Interrupts The News And Leaves This Anchor In Tears”

  1. May GOD Bless Mrs. Campos, The Cook’s and Ke’onte. This is really what EX is about family and saving kids.
    Because this is what GOD intended for us, family and love. (James 1:27) Another case of these shrinks putting our kids on meds, when all that was needed was love.

  2. To God be all the glory!!! That was such a great story. So many times we see bad things happening in the news. It is awesome to see a news article highlighting positive things. Praise God!

  3. The funny thing is I was just talking to one of my bosses regarding him and his wife adopting a baby from overseas. He talked about how the process could take years if you want a baby but was rather quick for a child 5 and up. He said that they were thinking about siblings. I explained to him that unfortunately that was the reality of things and that siblings have it the worst. Often times if they even are considered for adoption they are split up because most families can’t or don’t want to take in all of them. I told him that would have been me and my sisters fate if my grandmother hadn’t stepped in in the nick of time. I let him know that I have great compassion for siblings in that situation and also for kids who end up aging out of the system because no one would provide them with as loving home. I let him know that I would pray for his family that they would find something that would fit their family and their situation.

    The unfortunate thing is that adoption can go horribly wrong if you don’t seek the counsel of God before making a life changing decision. Not doing this can cause much more damage to the child involved. Doing your research and seeking God’s wisdom will help you make a clear and informed decision.

  4. this young man reminds me of my son. he’s beautiful. I thank God for this family and reporter. I cried too.

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