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The Truth Behind Hip Hop 9 Tactical Reprieve

The most anticipated DVD from EX Ministries is now available. Get your copy and get informed about the enemy's end time plan to replicate the "Days of Noah" and how we as the church must stand against it!

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Letting Go DVD Series NOW AVAILABLE!

This powerful 3-part series will help you deal with the pain of your past by teaching you how to trust God and focus on the future, instead of being tormented by the past. Adherence to God's plan for emotional and spiritual healing will lead to good choices, better decisions, and a better way of life. Let it go!

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Identity Crisis DVD 2 Disc Set

One of the most powerful DVD series you will ever watch. Understanding why you were created and how to find contentment is the key to being a secure believer. This 7 part series comes on 2 DVD Disc and will change your life. A must see for every modern day believer!

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The Truth Behind Hip Hop 8 - Lords of Discord DVD

Now Available

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Thieves in the Temple DVD


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G. Craige Lewis Interview | Gospel Truth Magazine

Pastor J of Gospel Truth Magazine sits down with G. Craige Lewis to ask the questions that many want answers to. This is a very in depth interview and will provide insight into the heart of EX Ministries' founder.

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