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For the past 18 years, EX Ministries has been informing the church about the powerful influence of music and how it can shape the mind of its audience. We have taught about the negative impact of certain musical genres that are inundated with a sinister agenda, many times, unbeknownst to the listener. However, this does not mean that all music is bad or has a nefarious underlying plan. Some music produces positive effects that are beneficial to us. The overall effect that music has on the listener is directly contingent upon the musician and their intentions.


Our music

Created by people who love the Lord and the truth of His Word. Its purpose is to offer encouragement to the faithful supporters of the EX Ministries messages. We desire to create music that will strengthen the believer, as well as offer wholesome, quality songs that will resonate with our supporters’ passion for Biblical truth. 

The Principle

Our music will adamantly holdfast to the principles established in God’s Word and will never compromise its beliefs to appease the world. The music released by EX Ministries will reflect the standards set in place since its inception. Whether the style is worship, rap, or an instrumental piece, our music will be 100% Christian, unapologetically Gospel-inspired and authentically EX Ministries.

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The Christian Rap Project


Jermaine “JayBrian” Johnson (originally from Detroit, MI now residing in Dallas, TX) is a husband and father of three. He currently serves as the youth director at Adamant Believers Council in Grand Prairie TX, and is also an EX Ministries minister. EX Ministries is proud to present his “Christian Rap” album as our first musical release.

“death to the EMCEE cause that skill didn’t bleed”


Christian Rap CD Samples

Amos 3
Made By Made In
Willing To Die
KHVN Homegrown Interview