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EX ministriesYour efforts can change lives one by one. You can literally change your family, neighborhood, and church by spreading the message of change that EX Ministries is speaking. Because we don’t have TV or large retail outlets for our products, our message is dependant upon the true people of God for advertising. Please, continue to speak the truth to those around you and watch the change that will take place.

Purchase Our Products!

Please do not copy or duplicate our products, but rather purchase them so we can make more and further the work of this ministry. We depend upon the purchases and the donations received after the viewings of our videos to keep EX Ministries afloat financially. Encourage people to purchase our products and not duplicate them.

Giving A Love Gift!

If your child was delivered, if your church was changed, if YOU were blessed by the message of EX Ministries, then please, click the button below and give a one time donation to this ministry. With every $30, $50, $100, $200 gift you give, you are making way for us to produce more products and give more information to help free the captives and change lives.

Help us keep the messages of EX Ministries, True Church Perspective, Facebook, Blog and EX Cast messages coming. We welcome your offerings, love gifts, tithes, or seed offerings. Blessing us makes you a blessing to many. Use the button below to select the amount you desire to give.

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Make A Donation If you would rather mail in your love gift, please send check/money order to:
EX Ministries
PO Box 24870
Fort Worth, TX 76124


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